Monday, October 21, 2013

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Modern Motor Home Features and Amenities

If you haven't looked closely at modern motor homes lately, you're in for a treat. If you've been thinking of buying your own motor home, you should glance through some of the newspaper classified ads and see just what they have to offer these days. Then go and visit a local motor home dealer so you can see these beauties first hand. Some of them are quite luxurious!

This is actually one of the reasons motor homes have gotten so popular in recent years. Not only do you get the freedom of being able to go where you want to and when, you also get all the amenities of living in an upscale home.

Motor homes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, configurations and styles. You can usually choose different floor plans and layouts for each one, and you can even choose the interior and exterior designs and color schemes when you buy one new. These days, most of them offer several standard features though, and that's where most of the fun comes in.

Motor homes have a primary sleeping area of some kind for example, and usually this is even in the form of a private bedroom area which can be closed off from the rest of the home. Beds come in standard, queen and even king sizes too so you don't have to sacrafice comfort when you're on the road.

In most motor homes you'll also find additional sleeping areas tucked away, so there's room for family members and guests when needed.

You'll also find motor homes have bathrooms now too. Even the most basic, inexpensive models offer a toilet but most of them come with showers and sinks in the bathroom now too. In fact, there are even some models which offer small bathtubs too.

These are not your old fashioned motor home bathrooms with stinky chemical toilets either. These usually flush like normal toilets, and the shower has running water and a drain just like a regular house bathroom does.

Some top of the line motor homes even feature a small washer and dryer too. These bathroom and laundry features makes it easy to use your motor home as often as you'd like, and you can even live in it full time without sacrifycing day to day comforts and conveniences.

Modern motor homes also have wonderful kitchen or galley areas too. In fact, some of them are designed as gourmet kitchens for people who love to cook. Usually you'll find a kitchen sink and small cookstove, but refridgerators, ovens and even microwaves are becomming more standard as part of a motor home kitchen too. You'll also find plenty of cabinet space to store food, dishes and cookware.

Of course smaller and more basic motor homes will have smaller and more basic kitchens, so you'll want to look at various models and sizes to see which one fits your needs best.

Motor homes also usually come with some sort of entertainment center that features a TV, DVD player and Stereo too. In fact many models have at least two TVs in them: One in the main living area and a smaller one in the primary bedroom.

As you can see, modern motor homes are designed to allow you to live in luxury while still having the freedom and flexibility of the motor home lifestyle.


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